Value of Reading and Writing

To be straightforward, books are my life. I have always had a love for reading. So much of my time has been spent losing myself in fictional worlds, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I enjoy absorbing the words that other people have taken the time to put together and print on paper.

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As a writer, I understand the difficulties of putting together an elaborate story for others to enjoy. There’s a saying about finding pieces of ourselves in the things that we read. I strongly believe that this is true. I’m always finding parts of myself in stories, sprinkled in with the fictional tales of characters who are much more fascinating than I could ever be. Along with finding pieces of ourselves in other stories, the same is true about the things we write. When I write, I find large pieces of myself woven into my story, whether it’s in the personality of a character or the way a character perceives the world. To put my work out for others to read, I feel like I’m giving away a piece of myself. It’s a very vulnerable thing. Because of it, I have a deep appreciation when authors are willing to publish their work.

That being said, my goal as a writer is for others to find pieces of themselves in my work. I want people to not only enjoy the piece of art that I have created, but I also want them to learn about themselves. I want them to feel inspired, just as I am. Now, this is no easy task. It is one that I can’t even control. The best that I can do is put my work out there and hope for the best.

Because of this, I have always held words to a high standard. They truly have power. I’ve felt this way about reading for quite some time now. I started writing at a young age. When I wrote my first little story, I must have been in the fourth grade. My writing has come a long way since, and I’ve grown proud of my improvement. I think words will continue to mean a lot to me, and I hope to some day get somewhere with my writing.


One thought on “Value of Reading and Writing

  1. I think that it is awesome how much you value and enjoy reading and writing. I can definitely relate to you when you talk about finding ways to relate to the characters in the book and finding pieces of yourself. I love reading a book that I can relate to in some way or another.


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